Fratello - Warwick, New York

Fratellos is a brick oven pizza joint located in Warwick, New York.  Through word of mouth we heard that Fratellos has some pretty good food especially the pizza.  Since we were looking to try a new restaurant we decided to see what they had to offer.

The Menu:

Fratellos menu consisted of exactly the type of food you would expect from a brick oven pizza/Italian restaurant. There was a large selection of appetizers such as baked clams, steamed mussels and fried calamari. They also offer a variety of salads.  Fratellos dinner menu is even larger, offering multiple dishes featuring chicken, fish and pasta. Everything on the menu sounded good but we came for the pizza and there are plenty to choose from. Fratellos has twenty-five different pizzas on the menu. They evem have some pretty unique pizzas like the Fresh Pear & Gorganzola Pizza.  It is topped with fresh sliced pears & tangy Wisconsin gorgonzola on a hearth baked crust with thinly sliced prosciutto & flame roasted walnuts.  We were not feeling that adventurous but we decided to order a few things.

What We Ate:

Honey Pecan Wings:

Pizza a la Vodka: Creamy vodka sauce topped with applewood smoked bacon & homemade mozzarella.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza: Fresh mozzarella & spicy buffalo chicken

We started our meal off with the Honey Pecan Wings.  It turns out they were actually Honey BBQ Pecan Wings, which was different than what we thought we ordered.  We are not sure if we just read the menu wrong or if it really did say Honey Pecan Wings. In any case, there were wings on the table and we were hungry. The first thing you will notice about the wings is that they are drowning in a very thick sauce.  These wings should have been covered in half as much sauce and even then that may have been too much. The sauce was your classic honey bbq sauce, with a sweet but smoky flavor.  It tasted good and mixed well together with the pecans. The wings were cooked perfectly and despite being soaked in sauce still retained the perfect crisp necessary to be a tasty wing.  The wings were also a good size.  Thesy would have been very good if not for the excess amount of sauce. 

For dinner we ordered two types of pizza. The first pie we got was the Pizza a la Vodka. We thought this sounded pretty good, but we were let down. The pizza was cooked nicely in the brick oven forming a tasty crust. The pizza looked great but once we took our first bite, we knew we were not going to be thrilled with this pie. The vodka sauce did not taste very much like vodka sauce. It actually tasted more like a regular tomato sauce. The other issue we had was the usage of bacon. We want to make one thing clear, we love bacon.  We come from the school of thought that bacon makes everything better (well almost).

Our problem in this case however was that we didn't order a bacon pizza, we ordered a Pizza a la vodka. We were served a Pizza a la Vodka but it tasted like a bacon pizza. This is because there was a generous amount of bacon on our pizza. Bacon is a very strong ingredient and if not used properly it can take over an entire dish with its deliciously smoky flavor. Unfortunately for us this is exactly what happened, the bacon invaded our taste buds and that was all we could taste.  In our opinion the Pizza a la Vodka would have worked better if it had been topped with chicken instead of bacon.

The second pizza we ordered was the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. This pizza looked awesome, so it was even more depressing when we grabbed the first slice. You can't see from the angle of our picture but the entire pie was not cooked.  On the outside it looked done, but the inside was still doughy and soft. We ate one slice and that was all. The chicken was cooked well and the pie had good flavor thanks to the buffalo hot sauce. It was not busy in the restaurant so for the pizza to be this under cooked was very surprising.  The pizza had plenty of potential but fell short due to execution. 

Should Or Should Not Eat: 

Fratellos has a good reputation and perhaps we caught them on a bad night but for us they are a Should Not Eat.  The food was just ok and being served under cooked pizza really ruined our meal.  Fratellos does have potential but they may need to take another look at their recipes and make some slight adjustments.  We will not be going back anytime soon though.

Restaurant Information:


Warwick, NY: 22 Spring Street  > 845.986.7898


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