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G.W.'s American Burgers is a sports bar/grill attached to the Colonial Lanes Bowling Alley in Chester, New York. Often referred to as GW's, it is your classic sports bar where you will find all of the sports bar essentials.  There are plenty of flat screen TVs, a large menu with bar favorites and most importantly plenty of cold beer. We did almost forgot to mention the pool table and often times a live band. GW's benefits from having plenty of space offering both seats up at the bar as well as tables and booths if you are out with a large group.  

In addition to the pool table, the bowling alley has a small arcade where they have a pop-a-shot machine. For those of you who do not know, Pop-A-Shot is a classic arcade game consisting of two people going head to head shooting baskets. After a few beers its always fun to sneak into the arcade and shoot a round.

We have been to GW's numerous times in the past, but often it was only with drinking in mind.  During football season we have had wings here, but never an entire meal so we decided it was time to ask for the menu and see what GW's has to offer.

The Menu:

The menu starts off with the type of appetizers you would see at any sports bar, such as jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks and loaded potato skins. All good sports bars need to have wings and GW's delivers with a variety of wing sauces including Inferno and General Tso's. They also have a large selection of sandwiches and wraps with over fifteen to choose from. You might be surprised to find out their menu also includes a few pasta dishes and even babyback ribs. With a name like GW's American Burgers you know they better serve burgers. They do, and in fact offer thirteen different burger choices highlighted by one of the more unique burgers we have seen in awhile, the Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger.  All of their burgers are made from Angus Beef served in 1/2 pound patties.

What We Ate:

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger topped spicy jalapenos and cream cheese. Also includes lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and French Fries.

We chose the Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger because of the unique toppings. Never have we had a burger topped with Cream Cheese before so we had to give it a shot. The burger came out quickly and was cooked nicely. It a nice crust on the outside and was still juicy on the inside. The toppings were all fresh and crisp. The bun was just your average hamburger bun, but did not hurt this dish. The jalapenos were pickled which gave them a more mild heat than raw ones.  The mixture of cream cheese and jalapenos is not a new pairing, but adding them on top of a burger is.

After one bite we were sold, cream cheese with jalapenos is very good on burgers. It is no surprise that it tasted like a burger topped with a jalapeno popper (next big idea? just maybe). The burger as a whole had good flavor, but it was not the best burger we have ever eaten. It was however still a quality burger.  We were served French Fries with our meal. The fries were cooked to a nice crisp but were not anything special. They were just your regular old fries that you can get at just about any bar. Don't get us wrong we ate all of them, but we have had better.

On a side note we have previously ordered wings from GW's and they were very good. We felt it was important to mention this seeing as it is a sports bar. Their wings are deep fried but not breaded, which is good because we do not like breaded wings. Another key to good wings is a nicely crispy outside and GW's does this perfectly. They were covered in the right amount of sauce and were very good. GW's has some of the best wings in the area, the only knock on them is that they are a tad bit small.

Should Or Should Not Eat: 

GW's American Burgers is a Should Eat for us. GW's delivers quality bar food that would be perfect to have before, during or after any night of drinking. Visit GW's for a few drinks, a nice burger and sneak into the arcade for a few rounds of Pop-A-Shot.

Restaurant Information:

GW's American Burgers

Chester, NY: 78 Brookside Ave  > 845.469.3663


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