Radegast Hall & Biergarten - Brooklyn, New York

Last weekend we found ourselves at the Radegast Hall and Biergarten in Williamsburg. We wanted to start off the night with some large liters full of beer and food hot of their grill. The biergarten has the classic beer hall feel with large wooden tables and tall ceilings. The waitresses all wear your standard bier maiden outfits, which add to the atmosphere. All of this coupled with the huge liters full of authentic German beer makes it feel as if you are in Germany celebrating at Octoberfest. 

The Menu:

Radegast offers two types of menus to order from, the main menu and the grill menu. The main menu offers more formal dishes featuring German classics such as a Munich Pretzel or Veal Schnitzel. The grill menu on the other hand provides less formal options such as sausages, burgers and fries all cooked on the open grill in the back of the hall. The beauty of the grill is that it sends out this amazing aroma of grilled meat into the hall that is almost impossible to resist.

What We Ate:

Munich Pretzel - with Spicy Mustard and Cornichon

Bratwurst - Served on a Pretzel Roll with sauerkraut 

Mustard Options

We started with the Munich Pretzel that is baked in house to order. This pretzel has a nice crisp outside with a warm soft inside and it is seasoned with the perfect amount of salt.  It is all too often that pretzels get over salted because the dough is just not that good. The good thing for us is here at Radegast they know what they are doing when it comes to making pretzels.

They serve the pretzels with a house made spicy mustard and Cornichon pickles. The mustard has a great kick to it and pairs perfectly with the pretzel. The pickles are tart with and have a nice amount of snap to them when bitten into. There is no better appetizer while drinking dark German beers than one of these pretzels.

We followed up our pretzel with a selection from the grill. We ordered the grilled bratwurst served on a Pretzel Roll with sauerkraut. Yes that's right we added more pretzel to our meal. When the chef suggests adding the pretzel roll to your meal you do not ask questions you just say yes. Our bratwurst was cooked in front of our eyes and had that freshly grilled look to it, nice and crispy. It was then placed on the bun and topped with a healthy serving of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was sweeter that you might expect, we think it is due to the addition of carrots in the cabbage. It did however add a nice counterpoint in flavor to the saltiness of the brat. We then topped all of this off with a bit of the German mustard for the final touch to the meal.

To go along with the brat, we ordered some fries. The thing about the fries at Radegast is they are very addicting. They are fried to a golden crisp and seasoned well with just the right amount of salt. We dipped these things in just about every mustard option they had available. The best was either the spicy mustard or the German mustard. We could not get enough fries and even ordered more to go with our beers later in the night. 

Should Or Should Not Eat:

Radegast is easily a Should Eat. They offer everything needed for a good night out on the town, good atmosphere, good food and good drinks. There may be more than a handful of similar places in Brooklyn, but Radegast is the total package. Check out Radegast for the food and stay for the drinks.

Restaurant Information:

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

Brooklyn, NY: 113 N 3rd Street > 718.963.3973

Website: www.radegasthall.com

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