Cesar's Empanada Truck - Brooklyn, New York

Yet again we were down in Williamsburg and guess what, we were hungry.  We wanted to grab a quick snack before having a few drinks on the town. A our friends brought their new puppy Jack out with us, so we opted for street food.  We went in search of the infamous taco truck (we have been waiting to do a post about it), but when we got to where it is usually parked it was missing.  In it's place was this white Mercedes van selling empanadas. We have never heard or even seen this street vendor before, but the line was long so we got on it.

The Menu:

They had a menu consisting of about 17 different empanadas. The majority of empanadas were $2 and a few of them were $3 such as the Shrimp empanada.  At the price of $2 we of course decided to get a couple of them. The most interesting empanada they had listed was a Lasagna Empanada, but they did not have any that day.

What We Ate:

Chicken Empanada

Beef Empanada

*Not Pictured: Sweet Plantain Empanada

These empanadas all came out hot and fresh which is key to a good empanada.  The dough had the perfect balance of crispness from being deep fried, but was also a doughy.  The Sweet Plantain Empanadas were made to order so they came out piping hot.  Unfortunately we did not have the chance to take a picture, but it was very good and would be a perfect dessert empanada. We followed that up with a chicken and then beef empanada. They were both seasoned well and were good but we preferred the chicken empanada over the beef.

While the Empanadas were good, the best part of the meal had to be the hot sauce.  It was very good and had a nice deep heat without being overpowering.  We would love to get our hands on that recipe.

Btw, meet Jack:

Should or Should Not Eat:

These empanadas fall under the Should Eat for us.  They were quick, cheap and a decent quality.  If you see this truck around go grab one and you will be satisfied.  There are much better empanada places around the city, but sometimes convenience trumps trying to find the best ever.  Also, the hot sauce is so good it is worth buying an empanada just to east the hot sauce.

Restaurant Information:

We didn't find too much information about a location for this truck.  It seems that the most common spot for the truck is in Park Slope, but we found it in Williamsburg.

Cesar's Empanada Truck

Park Slope:

Intersection of Hanson & Ashland Places
Atlantic Terminal

BrooklynNY 11217


North 6th and Bedford Ave
BrooklynNY 11211

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