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Mable's Smokehouse opened up in Brooklyn a little over a year ago.  Since their opening they have quickly become one of our favorite places to drink in Brooklyn.  They are also home to some of the best BBQ we have eaten. Mable's has a very relaxed atmosphere with cafeteria style seating and a nice sized bar. The decor helps transport you from NYC to some roadside BBQ joint in Oklahoma. We can't forget to mention the great tunes that put you in the mood to grab a stool and throw back a couple of Lone Stars. After inhaling the sweet smoky aroma of wood and smoked meat you can't help but place an order.

The Menu:

Mable's has a basic menu which features Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and St. Louis Style Ribs.  For you vegetarians out there they also offer a vegetarian Sloppy Joe. The pulled pork and brisket can be ordered on a sandwich with 1 side or as a platter with 2 sides. The ribs come as a platter with 2 sides.  For the sides you can choose from BBQ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Bet’s Best Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Creamy Mac n' Cheese, Borracho Beans or Candied Yams.

What We Ate:

The Brisket Platter: (Beef Brisket, Mac n' Cheese, Candied Yams, small cup of slaw, pickles, jalapenos, sliced onion & Wonder Bread)


Mable's recipes come from co-owner Jeff Lutonsky’s Oklahoman mother and grandmother (Mable herself). These ladies were on to something because this food is delicious.  The brisket platter was piled high with about 7 slices of perfectly cooked brisket.  It was fork tender and had a nice bark thanks to a generous application of dry rub. The bark is a BBQ term which refers to the surface of the brisket after it has been cooked. You will also notice the coveted smoke ring right below the bark of the brisket. The smoke ring refers to the pink ring that is below the bark of the brisket, these are both qualities that any true BBQ connoisseur will look for.  Topping the brisket is Mable's secret BBQ Sauce.  This is a sweet style BBQ sauce that has a nice lip smacking tang to it. This sauce is so good you will find yourself putting it on just about everything. 

To go with our brisket we ordered candied yams and Mac n' Cheese.  The candied yams were soaking in a sauce consisting of butter and brown sugar.  This sweetness helped to provide a nice contrast from the savory flavor of the meat. The yams were cooked to the right consistency and reminded us of Thanksgiving dinner.

The Mac n' Cheese was nothing fancy, which is why it is so good.   Mable's is not trying to wow you with 5 different types of cheese you can't pronounce, let alone ever heard of.  It has a nice creamy texture and reminds us of the Mac n' Cheese we grew up with, even if it was right out of a box. Like we said earlier their BBQ sauce could go on everything, well we added it on top of our Mac n' Cheese.  It sounds like an unusual pairing, but it just works and we suggest giving it a try.

Also served with the platter are some slices of Wonder Bread, Homemade Cole Slaw and a batch of pickles, onions and jalapenos that were all pickled together.  We especially like the pickles and jalapenos that add a nice spice to the meal. 

Should or Should Not Eat:

Mable's offers the type of BBQ that is hard to find outside of BBQ country. There are plenty of places in New York City that claim to have authentic BBQ, but not many of them actually deliver.  Mable's on the other hand "smokes" the competition. They provides great food, cold beers, friendly service and a perfect atmosphere making them a Should Eat.  Take a trip to Mable's and find out for yourself, you may even see us there at the bar drinking Lone Stars

Restaurant Information:

Mable's Smokehouse

Brooklyn: 44 Berry Street > 718.218.6655


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