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Fetch Bar & Grill prides itself on creating inspired updates of classic American dishes.  They have two locations, one in New York City and one in Warwick, NY.  After getting many recommendations to try Fetch we did just that. We were told rumors of unusual egg rolls that we had to try. We ended up at the Warwick location.

For those of you not familiar with Warwick, it is located about an hour and a half north of New York City.  The area is well know for apples and has a growing number of wineries.  Warwick also has cultivated a nice culinary scene on the main strip leading through its town.  It is on this main strip that Fetch is located.  

The restaurant is a nice size and was packed when we got there. The food comes out quickly so we were able to be seated within five minutes.  The first thing you notice when looking around the restaurant is the dog theme. The walls are covered in pictures and paintings of dogs, which makes sense with a name like Fetch.

The reason for the decor goes a bit deeper than just a cute theme to go with a cute name. The restaurant has teamed up with the local animal society to help care for stray animals and promote awareness in the community. They even provide space in the restaurant for Animal Haven and ASPCA canine rescue to create an Adopt-a-Dog wall.

If your an animal lover you will want to come support this great restaurant, but if your not let us  show you why you NEED to come check out this palce.

Remember when we said something about unusual egg rolls?  Well the rumors were true,  they had both a Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll and a Thanksgiving Dinner Egg Roll.  We looked at the menu onc and they had us at Thanksgiving Egg Roll!  Are you kidding me?  Who does not love Thanksgiving Dinner, further more who would not want it in an Egg Roll?  

When the waiter came over to the table, before he could even ask if we were ready to order, we were already saying Thanksgiving Egg Rolls .

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls:


These Egg Rolls were one of the best things we have eaten in a long time.  They include every reason why thanksgiving is so delicious while adding a nice fried component.   As you can see above this Egg Roll is layered with all of the proper Thanksgiving Dinner elements.  They start with freshly sliced turkey in gravy.  It is then layered with homemade cranberry sauce.  If that was not enough for good measure they provide you with a healthy portion of stuffing. All of this is then wrapped up and deep fried, which is a perfect way to hold all of these ingredients together, while also providing a nice crispy component to this dish.  The Egg Rolls are then served with a small cup of turkey gravy for dipping.  This dish is just fantastic and has given us more than enough reason to go back again, again and again.

We did not try the Philly Cheese Steak Egg Rolls but they came highly recommended to us, and if they are anything close to these than we say go for it.

Adam's Apple Salad:

Also on the menu was this apple salad that sounded interesting to us.  It came with grilled granny smith apples, spice rubbed pecans, wild mushrooms, crumbled stilton blue cheese and fresh spinach tossed in a house vinaigrette. This salad was a nice complement to the Thanksgiving Egg Rolls.  

The spinach was very crisp and fresh and worked very nicely with the spice rubbed pecans and the mushrooms.  The blue cheese was not over powering and gave the salad some nice contrast in flavor. The only disappointment was that the apples were not as fresh as they could have been. This took a bit away from this dish. If they had been fresh, these apples would have made this salad stand out.  Unfortunately they were not at their peak, but this salad was still very good and despite the apples we would eat this again.

The Turkey Pot:

We don't know what it is but we just can't say no to fresh turkey.  Even after eating all of those Egg Rolls we still ordered Fetch's Famous Turkey Pot.  We figured that we would be so full after all of the other food that we would not be able to finish this entire dish, which mean leftovers.  

We don't think we have to ask but, everybody knows what leftover Thanksgiving items mean right? Yes that's right we are talking about Thanksgiving Sandwiches.  The next day did in fact take our leftovers and do this!  

The picture does not do this meal justice, it even looks a bit unappetizing but that is due to its construction. Trust us, if you like Thanksgiving you will love this.  The pot is filled with fresh oven roasted turkey breast served over cranberry sauce and herbed pan style stuffing.  It is then topped with Harry's onion & mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and finished off with frizzled red onions.  This is a perfect meal especially on a cold winter day. Everything is homemade and you can really taste the difference. 

Should or Should Not Eat:

Fetch has amazing food, great atmosphere and stellar service.  The staff was extremely friendly and on top of our order. The head chef was even walking around to all of the tables saying hello and making sure everyone's meal was good. Fetch takes dishes we are all familiar with and raises them to a new standard.  We name Fetch as a Should Eat!

Restaurant Information:

Fetch Bar & Grill

Manhattan: 1649 Third Avenue >212.298.2700

Warwick, NY: 48 Main Street>845.987.8200

website: fetchbarandgrill.com 

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