Crown Victoria - Brooklyn, NY


This post has been a few months in the making.  We actually visited the Crown Victoria over the summer after hearing that they hosting weekly pig roasts on Sundays throughout the summer.  Who doesn't love a pig roast?, well we do!  We went there bright and early only to find out that the pig was still cooking and it would be about an hour until it was ready.  As a result we settled in with some drinks and started the painful process of waiting for our pig to be done.  Too bad it was one of the hottest days of the summer and we too felt as if we were roasting.  That tid bit of irony was lost on us at the time.  The one upside to being there early was that we were able to get some quality photos of the pig cooking.  It also allowed us to learn more about the Crown Victoria as we had never been there before.  It turned out to have a pretty large bar on the inside which has a large weekend brunch.  It was the massive backyard that made us realize that the Crown Vic was definitely the perfect Summer bar hangout,  Especially when you want to sit out side and enjoy the sun with a cool one.  To top it off outside they also had bacci ball courts, cornhole and a volleyball court.  After what felt like 10 hours, finally the pig was about to come off the spit, so without further delay we present the Pig Roast.

The Menu:

The menu at Crown Victoria boasts plenty of bar classics such as wings, burgers and nachos.  They are also serving dishes like The Runny pig which is Pulled pork that is slow braised in Peak Organic Amber Ale served on a brioche bun with a sunny side egg or the Guinness Stew, made with hearty beef chunks simmered in a Guinness broth with potatoes and other seasonal vegetables.  This diverse menu is perfect because there is something for everyone here. 

What We Ate:

Slow Roasted Pig - in a spicy citrus marinade

Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Sweet Onions in a lemon marinade

Charred Fresh Sweet Corn with a spicy mayo

Homemade Corn Bread soaked in pork juices

The pig was worth the wait, it was fresh tasty. It had a slight citrus flavor thanks to the marinade and the meat was very tender.  The house made hot sauce added a nice amount of heat to the pork and another depth of flavor.  On our plate we had some of the shoulder as well as a rib.  The shoulder was much more tender and had better flavor than the rib.  The rib was a bit under cooked which is one of the common problems when roasting a pig.  However we have trained our systems to handle all food borne illnesses, so we continued to eat the meant anyway.  Another half hour would have finished off this pig nicely.  All in all it had some good flavor and was pretty cool to see a pig roast.  The corn was very good with tons of flavor that you get from good local summer corn.  The spicy mayo added a nice creaminess to the corn and just enough kick.  The onions were a strange side dish o serve but were cooked nicely and we enjoyed the lemon marinade they were in.   The Zucchini was pretty standard and nothing really to write home about.  The corn bread was awesome, when getting the corn bread we were offered i dry or wet.  We had never had wet cornbread before so we asked the chefs opinion and he said wet without hesitation.  The Chef knows best so we went with Wet, and he was right.  Corn bread soaked in the pig juices was delicious.  It added this salty smokiness to the corn bread without causing it to be too soggy.  It was a great addition to the meal.  The food was pretty good, but the price was a bit steep as the pig did not come with sides.  We paid about $25 each for the food and would have liked a bit more than what we got.  We would certainly go back so it is worth checking out especially if you are looking for somewhere to sit outside and enjoy the sun with a few friends and a handful of beers.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Crown Victoria has earned a Should Eat from us.  Offering a pig roast every Sunday in the summer was awesome and with a diverse menu it should please most appetites.  The food is not 5 star but it is good and coupled with the atmosphere make the Crown Vic worth visiting.

Restaurant Information:

Crown Victoria

Brooklyn, NY: 60 s 2nd St.> 917.719.6072