Aero Mexico - Meals at 30,000 feet

For our first post in our food blog section we have decided to highlight the culinary stylings of Aero Mexico. Here you will learn why it is almost always better to spend $40 in the airport and buy food and snacks for the plane than rely on the airline to provide you a quality meal, unless of course you are in First Class.  

Reality check, how often do you get to sit in first class to begin with? 

Meal Numero Uno - Ham and Cheese Croissant:

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the first meal served on the plane. This is actually a shame because of all the meals, it was probably the best one.   Since my flight took off from JFK at 12:15 am, the meal was served around 2 am.  At this point in the flight I was feeling a tad bit hung over from having a few too many "Sportsmen" before getting to the airport.  I was also stuck sandwiched between two large men that had no concept of personal space.

I was trying my best to sleep off the hangover when I was woken up by a small metal try cover in foil.  I hoped this food would help ease the hangover.  Inside I found a warm ham and cheese croissant and a small thing of peanut crackers.  

The croissant was pretty good as it is hard to mess up ham and cheese.  I did not eat the peanut crackers not knowing what they even were.  I did however keep them for a latter snack.  This meal did little to ease my pain, but it did at least put something in my stomach and held me over till my next meal.


My Second Meal - Scrambled Eggs w/ Chorizo & Potatoes:

As you can see the second meal of the trip was another round of breakfast.  After about a 5 hour layover in the airport in Mexico City (most of which I spent sleeping) I boarded the next plane. I actually started to get pretty hungry and eventually I was brought this lovely tray pictured above.  In retrospect this meal looks very unappetizing, but at that moment I chowed down.  It was scrambled eggs with some type of chorizo, peppers and onions.  I was even lucky enough to get 2 pieces of potato.  The meal also included a dinner roll, chocolate muffin and a mixed fruit cup.

Now the part you are waiting for, how was it?  Well it was not as bad as it could have been, but it was not great.  The egg mess was pretty bland some hot sauce would have been nice.  I also would have liked to have a few more potatoes.  As you can see the potions were small.  Which made me think, how long until we have the "Airplane Diet"?  Eating these perfectly portioned meals with no flavor would probably do wonders for your waistline.  The fruit cup was actually pretty good and it was surprisingly fresh.  The muffin and roll were also pretty standard.  

Even though the meal was mediocre at best I ate it all and very quickly.  I ate it so quickly in fact the lady sitting next to me must have thought I loved the food because she offered me her tray.  She clearly took one look at it and said PASS.  

One other thing I did want to note was that well after eating all of this I started to get worried.  I thought to myself I bet those were powdered eggs, and I hope they didn't use water from Mexico.  I didn't need a bout of Montezuma's Revenge the rest of the flight.  Obviously the airlines think about those types of things and took care of it before preparing the food, but it still had me worried for a bit.


My Third Meal - Arozz con Pollo & Salad: 

The third meal in the sky started with the stewardess asking everyone meat or pasta.  She gave no description of what type of meat or what type of pasta they were serving.  Armed with no information I decided that meat was the way to go. Once I got the tray I saw that it was Arozz con Pollo and I had high hopes that it would be good.  Just like the egg scramble, this dish was very bland.  It was chicken, rice and refried beans in a tomato based sauce.  It was not terrible but if I had the option again I may have gone with the pasta. 

There was also a salad, marble cake and another dinner roll.  What will shock most people that know me is that I actually ate this whole salad. The cake and roll were of decent quality but nothing special.  As the case with all of the other meals so far I cleaned my plate.  


My Fourth Meal - Pasta w/ Salad: 

The fourth meal started with a choice of meat or pasta.  As was the case before, I was given no information about the kind of meat or pasta available to me.  I decided to go with the pasta this time for the sake of the blog.  As it turns out the pasta had what I guess you could consider a red sauce on it.  I say this because after eating it I am not even sure what it was.  It had no flavor whatsoever.  This dish basically tasted like plain pasta.  

Again there was a salad, some sort of fruit pastry, a dinner roll and a package of crackers.  To be fair I didn't touch this salad.  It looked bad and I had no desire to give it the college try.  I opened the crackers but they were very dry so I passed on finishing them.  I ended eating the pastry which was ok, it tasted like apple but I am not positive.  This meal looked like it had potential but it left me disappointed.


My Fifth Meal - Steak & Potatoes: 

My last meal was the most interesting and disappointing.  After being on the plane all day long and well after eating the bow ties above we were served this.  It was all a bit suspicious because there was no choice this time, only meat.  Not that it mattered to me so I opened it up and that's when I realized everything was cold. I got 3 slices of some sort of steak covered in an yellow sauce.  I have no idea what it was but it was also all over the cold vegetables.  These vegetables included potatoes, peas, broccoli and a tomato slice.  We had the standard diner roll and a tiramisu style dessert. 

The steak was cold which didn't make much sense, not my ideal dinner. The vegetables were also served cold and did little to enhance the meal.  The tiramisu was ok, but since I am not a big fan of tiramisu it also did not do much for me.  This meal was an major let down.  As a result I had to get some food in the airport when I landed.  


As many of you have already known or gathered from this blog, plane food is not very good at all.  From my experience the breakfast meals were the best. Next time you are on a flight bring your own food if possible, if not you are in for a similar adventure.